Konkurs Opowiadanie w języku angielskim rozstrzygnięty.

Dziękuję wszystkim uczniom, którzy wzięli udział w konkursie. Opowiadania były zróżnicowane tematycznie, ciekawe i zaskakujące. Serdecznie gratuluję wszystkim pomysłowości oraz wysokiej znajomości języka angielskiego. Oto uczniowie wyróżnieni:

I wyróżnienie: Roksana Gubarewicz i Emilia Kwiatkowska

II wyróżnienie: Antek Triminztos i Filip Wojtal

III wyróżnienie: Karolina Maciaszek, Oliwia Obielecka i Patrycja Połoszynowicz


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Grażyna Niegrebecka

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 Roksana Gubarewicz

I remember this one girl I used to have at school. Let’s call her Daisy, since those flowers were her favourites.

She was that mysterious kind of a girl, who probably everyone of you had known, but Daisy was much more. She didn’t talk too much, but always listened and observed a lot. Barely anyone would notice her, sitting in the corner of the cafeteria, always having a sketch book in her hand and listening to some alternative music through the earphones. I’ve tried to talk to her many times but she didn’t seem interested and possibly her head was somewhere else but still, she listened. I was probably the only one who was aware of her actual mental presence. Everyone else just ignored Daisy because they thought she was insane. In fact, if we had more people like this girl, there would be more harmony and fairness in the world.

Daisy used to skip quite many classes when she didn’t feel like attending them. This would make her peace of mind. Teachers didn’t get annoyed, since she was still the best schoolgirl in the class because of the fact she had a lot of interests. She’s had a natural desire to discover the world – the internal as well as external aspects of life. Even though she didn’t show it, she could express herself very well. She could become whatever she wanted to. She could.

I remember this one day in February. Our headmaster came to the class and announced that Daisy’s had a car accident. My heart stopped. I didn’t listen anymore and afterwards a friend told me, ‘Daisy’s funeral will take place in two days and we can go there if we want to.’ But it’s not the point.

The point is that Daisy was killed by a madman who was drunk and on drugs. I mean it’s so ironical because Daisy was the one who didn’t need any ‘adjuvants’ to live her life at the fullest.

It’s such a blessing that Daisy was so artistically talented. She had left many stunning paintings and sketches and brilliant poems. I never realized that someone could ever express their thoughts in words and graphics so well. I’m grateful her mother let me show her work in the local gallery. A lot of people went there and I’ve heard they liked it. I’m sure Daisy would appreciate it because one week before her death she told me she wished she got noticed for her art. That was the only personal thing she had ever told me. As if she knew she was about to die.


Morning Struggles

 Emilia Kwiatkowska

‘Oh no, not again,’ Nina said looking at her phone. This is the exact time she realised she overslept. Again. No excuses. The same situation every single day. Every evening she sets her alarm clock hoping to hear it the next morning but it always seems to be nearly impossible. ‘Ok, Nina, you have to get up. You have school a lot of important things to do,’ she said to herself but she didn’t move a bit. Instead she took her phone and started to check if someone tried to call or make any contact with her while she was asleep. She always did that. Even if it was completely pointless. ‘Ok, so no incoming calls and no texts as well… I guess I really have to get up now, but first I’m gonna have some water.’ She took a mug and it appeared heavier than it actually was, so instead of having a small sip of water, she instantly drenched not only herself, but also a pillow and her fluffy blanket. ‘Great. It’s nice to start your day with refreshing water all over the place,’ she said while putting her feet on the ground. ‘Ouch,’ she screamed as she stepped on her headphones. ‘I forgot they were here!’ Nina grabbed them and put on the desk, then she went to the bathroom and from that moment everything was going quite well, except one thing. Time. Time was not cooperating with her at all. She went to the bathroom for 5 minutes and after 10 minutes, 20 minutes had already gone. Mornings felt for her almost like a kind of time travel. And she still wasn’t ready. ‘I’m gonna be so mad if I’m going to be late again,’ she said while applying her favourite eye shadow. She likes this part of a day when she can concentrate on her creative side. Even if she doesn’t mind her bare face, it’s good to put some make up on, just to improve her facial features. And of course to please he creativity. So, there she is, trying to pick as best shade of lipstick as possible, because she already knew that she had just spent her breakfast time doing make up. At this point she was almost good to go. Despite the fact she was still in her pyjamas and as always… she had no idea what to wear. Since she was in a hurry, she picked a random blouse from a closet. ‘Ok., that looks pretty decent. Now I need a pair of jeans. Ok., that will do. Hmm… Do I have everything? Bag…? Checked. Gym clothes…? Checked. Two completely different socks…? Well, checked. So, I only need shoes now. Ok., checked as well. Keys? Ok., now I’m good to go,’ she thought to herself while getting ready.

‘Bye everyone!’ She said to wake up the rest of householders and then left her house. Well, mornings can be difficult to survive. Especially for not so much of a morning person.


Mirror from the Future

 Karolina Maciaszek

When I was ten years old I loved playing with my dolls. One night I sat idle in my bed because I couldn’t sleep. I looked under my bed to hold a little box with my favourite toys. I hid it from my parents because I was afraid they could take it away from me. When I took it I saw another box hidden deeper. It scared me a little bit but I took it. I saw a little mirror with a beautifully decorated frame and a holder but under it there were a few used paper pages.

I looked into the mirror and I saw an unknown woman’s face with a derisive smile. I screamed loudly and threw it back to the box. Immediately my mother stood in my room to see what happened. She understood it was only my nightmare and she went back to her room. I knew I couldn’t look into the mystery  box again. The next day I went to my friend from my class, Sophie, to tell her what had happened yesterday. I knew we could destroy that strange person together. She looked at me surprised and I decided to show her my shocking mirror. A little bit afraid I showed her a mirror which drew us an abstract picture: adult and rich Sophie with a little daughter and her husband. When I was in front of the mirror it drew me as a fifteen-year-old girl hit by a car. She hid the mirror into the box and put deeply under the bed. I was really scared of myself. We knew we couldn’t believe it. Sophie and I threw that problematic thing to the trash.

The next day I woke up and I saw the mirror on my board. The same which we had thrown away yesterday. At that moment my mother came to my room  and asked why I threw that pretty thing. I couldn’t tell her that it was a magic mirror which predicts future. I knew it didn’t matter and I apologised her for that. In the afternoon me and Sophie tried to wake this mirror but it didn’t work. But we knew it worked only at night. I intended to do it. I sat at the bed and I held the mirror. It showed me hanged at the tree with number 14 – it meant to me at the age of fourteen. It was my horrible future. I showed Sophie’s photo to the mirror and it still didn’t work. I was really confused. I thought about what went wrong. And at this moment I knew I forgot about Sophie’s teddy bear which I spoiled. It was only an accident but she didn’t listen to me. I thought, ‘Maybe it was karma.’

The next day I woke up early and went to the shop to buy a bear looking the same like the older one. I decided to hide it at the box and give it to her the next day on her birthday. I saw a few paper pages with a terrible letter. It said, ‘Give her a teddy bear and you are okay.’ I was really scared but I couldn’t give it to her today. I sat at the bed and thought about this strange situation. But I remembered. The teddy bear was from her grandma who was dead. It must have been karma because I was rude. It was important for Sophie. And the next day I went to her and gave her the present. She was really excited and told me that bear was also important to her.

And now I knew that mirror couldn’t work again because I understood the fault. And it was like I said. At night the mystery mirror was only a pretty thing. But something else was really strange – Sophie didn’t remember the event with the mirror. I knew it was good because she had her favourite teddy and I was really happy. It was so strange but I learned something – be cautious and truthful. I’m seventeen years old today and nothing happened to me what the mirror predicted.



A story

 Oliwia Obielecka

I know that this is just a dream. It has to be... But I can’t do anything about it, what annoys me even more, because I like to have things under control. I have this kind of a sensation thrill, when you already know, the movie is going to be good. But it isn’t a movie.

It’s my life, from the other view, the view I’m not included in. Basically I am, but all I can do is just watching. I’m like an invited guest to watch a very special show wherein the main character is... me?

Really, how should I name it? A girl who looks, dresses and smiles like me, but does things, which I would never normally do. I’ve spent with her around 2 hours now, and I’ve already seen a thousand of differences. First, she is so confident, secondly, always positive and thirdly, she’s so alive.

I’ve had some unusual dreams before – falling nightmares, having-bad-grades-and-finding-no –job nightmares, car accidents nightmares... Or those more pleasant, when I dreamed about the best vacations of my life, but I’ve always been able to command myself to open my eyes, to lift my head from the pillow, to halt the weird movie playing behind my closed lids.

I try again. ‘Wake up!’ I screamed. ‘Wake up, wake up, wake up!’ Still nothing. It’s strange but I’m completely aware of this, being just a fantasy in my brain, which apparently wants to tell me something. But what does it really want me to do? I suppose I have to wait...

It was a normal day, which actually helped me to realise a lot of things. This life, here, is a happier version of me. ‘The second me’ taught me, how much I’m losing having my emotions off. She is surrounded by people who love her unconditionally; her boyfriend Mike, best friend Sara and loving family. She has everything what I wanted before the accident, which ruined my life. And looking at this starts to annoy me even more.

It was late afternoon about one year ago. I went with my best friend Sara to the town to help her find the perfect dress for a date which she would have had the next day. We spent around 4 hours in the mall, but we finally managed to pick the perfect one. We also wanted to go to the cinema for a movie, but I had to go back home earlier and she decided to come back with me. She was so excited about the date that in our way home she forgot to fasten her seatbelts. We were listening to our favourite song on the radio, when suddenly a car pulled out from the side and came into our lane. The police found this man later. It turned out that he had been on drugs.

Her father blamed me for this. I wasn’t angry. I blame myself too, I was the one who had been driving and she didn’t deserve this. No one does...

A few months later the accident made her parents divorced, and Sara’s mum got depression. It ruined my life as well. She was like a sister to me. She died. My emotions died with her.

Now I’m slowly recovering. You love someone – you open yourself up to suffering. That’s the sad truth.

It was the first time for over a year since I felt this way. I was jealous of a girl from my dream, the girl who I used to be in the past and the life that was taken from me without my permission. This was made to change something, it was a missing piece of a puzzle. People say, ‘You only live once.’ But people are wrong, as they are about everything. The life that we are living. Is it the same life, we were living an hour ago? A day ago? A year ago? Maybe someone will break your heart, maybe you’ll break someone’s heart and never be able to look at yourself in the same way. These are the risks. The thought of losing so much control over personal happiness is unbearable. That’s the burden. Like wings, they have weight, we feel that weight on our backs but they are a burden that lifts us. Burdens that allow us to fly...

‘Hey! You’ve passed out in the gym, are you OK? I’m Mike by the way,’ he said looking at me with his big blue eyes with this caring look. And I knew everything will be fine.


Bloody game

Patrycja Połoszynowicz

Wake up from dream, which gives safety. Nobody wants it. Although we can’t run away from our destiny, but I know that we can change a part of it. Not all but still. I woke up when the sun just went down. Today I felt strange. As if someone was watching me. I hate that feeling. I’m working at the hotel reception. It wasn’t the top of my dreams, but better this than nothing. Today I had a night shift. I like working at night. I went to get dressed. I ate fast dinner and went to work.

The night flowed quiet and calm until to the lobby entered a man. He had medium length black hair, really weird, almost white skin. On his nose I saw black sunglasses. He had black jeans, a tight black T-shirt and black long leather coat. ‘Man in black,’ I thought. ‘Nice.’

He came to the reception desk and he smiled flippantly.

‘Welcome. Can I help you, sir?’

‘It depends if you can help me,’ he answered. Cool Russian accent.

‘It depends on how you want me to help you, sir,’ I said with a smile.

‘At first can you tell me your name and book a room at one night for me.’

‘Of course,’ I said. ‘And I’m Claudia’

I grabbed the key and gave it to him with the room number and floor. He took the key and walked away.

About 3 a.m. I had a really strange phone. In the handset I heard very heavy breath and the male voice said, ‘Room 14, come.’ And he hung up on me. I froze. At first moment I thought I shouldn’t go there but what if something bad happened there? I gathered myself up and I went to that room. With a beating heart I opened the door and went through the corridor. What I saw was horrible. The inside was demolished and blood was everywhere. That man who I met in the reception was lying on the floor, covered with blood. I went to him. I was so scared. I checked his pulse. He was dead. I started breathing very fast and backed away to the door. There I felt cold breath on my neck and someone’s hand on my shoulder. I was so terrified. I couldn’t even move, I heard a demonic voice. It said, ‘Be careful. This is your destiny.’ After these words that thing was gone. I run to the reception. With shaking hands I chose the police number. I said what happened. When the woman who I was talking to hung up, I sat down and started crying. The police came really fast. They fenced area of the hotel with the yellow tape. Everything was like in the movies. They asked me about everything. Did he not behave strange, did he say something weird? I said everything I knew except that weird voice. I don’t know why I did it. I just... I thought they wouldn’t believe me.

After this I could go home. All this time, all these terrible thoughts and questions were running through my mind. It was too much for me. I needed to go to sleep. I called a cab and I went home. I pulled into the elevator on the fifth floor and took my keys. I opened the door. The first thing which I did was turning on every light in my apartment. I checked every room. I thought everything was fine so went to the bedroom, took off my clothes and lay down to my bed and fell asleep very fast.

I was awaken by a loud noise, I sat down on the bed. I felt the same cold breath on my neck and the voice said, ‘Let’s play.’


A story

 Antek Triminztos

It was a particularly rainy morning. As usually I got up at 7 o’clock. I had breakfast, brushed my teeth and I dressed up. I looked great because it was the last day of school and I wore a black suit. As soon as I left home I felt that it will be an interesting day.

I met Michael on my way to school but we never got there. The rain was so heavy that we had to hide somewhere. We found a shelter in an old abandoned building. We were always just too scared to visit this place but this time we didn’t have any other choice. In the middle of the big room there was a huge wardrobe and nothing else. We opened it and we saw a fairytale land!

That was amazing! Two dwarves, Marco and Loco, with unicorns were waiting for us. They showed us a mountainous land were everything was fabulous. Animals which are dangerous in our world were friendly. There were chocolate rivers, trees with lollipops, houses made of honey-cake and edible grass. Dwarves showed us the second part of their land too. That was terrible. The unicorns had to work. Dwarves were in prison, trees were burnt, rivers were obstructed and animals had to fight for food.

Marco and Loco told us that not far from here lives a boss of warriors who prevails on the second part of this land. The boss’s name was Lumarion. He came from Azmin – Dark Land where all is sad, bad and spooky. He has a ring which changes all at lands to be like Azmin. When we burn the ring in a volcano, everything will be good again.

So we left. We had to leave unnoticed. There were a lot of terrible warriors. After three hours we arrived to our destination. There was a huge castle. Three warriors saw us! They took dwarves and unicorns. We got warriors’ suits so we dressed up and we ran to Lumarion. He looked spooky! He had only a ragged, gold plating coat and a skull. His ring was on the table. No guard kept an eye on the ring. ‘That’s our chance,’ I said. Michael took the ring into his pocket.

‘We must go,’ said Michael. We ran to the volcano in the first part of this land. Suddenly the alarm rang. A lot of warriors chased us! We saw the volcano but warriors were shooting at us! All of the sudden all warriors were burnt. That was the light! The light burnt them! We were rescued. Michael threw the ring into the volcano and at one time everything was beautiful again. Dark Land was colourful, burnt trees were green, chocolate rivers weren’t obstructed, bad animals were happy and friendly.

That was a great day we rescued the fairytale land. Now we often visit this land. The dwarves and unicorns love us. We feel there like kings.


Winter Holiday

 Filip Wojtal

Recently I had some free time meaning the winter holiday. Two weeks without waking up early, doing homework and learning for the tests. I had lots of time to do something what was interesting for me and worth remembering. Most of these days were the same. I spent them on reading some comics, playing awesome games and taking care of my little brother. Day by day I repeated the same routine until something unexpected happened – I had an adventure.

My dad won a journey for full family to Japan! We had a day to pack our stuff and go to the airport. We prepared ourselves very quickly and the next day we went to the airport. The journey was really cool and comfortable. But problems were just around the corner. After we had reached Tokyo Airport, our documents were nowhere to be seen! Security took us on the side and started asking us some questions. After a few minutes the situation started to be more stressful. They started going through our baggage. They were searching our bags for a few minutes and they found our passports among our clothes. They apologised and as they are Japanese they thought making amends was a matter of honour. They paid for our stay in a five-star hotel for a week in the centre of Tokyo. Because of that we were able to afford seeing many interesting  places such as the traditional restaurants and museums.

After we came back to Poland we had a lot of memories to share with family and friends. Although our trip started rather unfortunately, it all turned out OK and we had amazing opportunity to discover the wonderful country of Japan.